How will this work?


Those selected will have the opportunity to conduct a 120 second presentation for an audience made of corporate procurement agents from a variety of corporations sourcing for various construction  commodities. The 120 second time slot will allow you to present your company’s services. There will be an additional 120 seconds for questions and answers  Participants will also be able to receive valuable feedback from procurement agents regarding the presentation.


Two minute presentations:

o There will be a timer, and the moderator will be stopping presentations over 120 seconds and the presenter will be asked to leave the virtual room.

o Please note that it is best practice to respect the allotted time frame. If not, the audience will witness your presentation being cut off.

o We will have a session prior to the showcase to go over best practices of virtual presentations and will offer sign up times for practice. 



o You will be assigned a time slot for your presentation

o You should arrive to the virtual waiting room at least 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled presentation time.