Innovation Pitch Contest

September 6-7, 2022 Virtual Way


Innovation Pitch Contest

The 2022 Innovation Pitch Contest will provide our Women-Owned Businesses (WBE) with the opportunity to hone their pitch skills

in a safe environment and market to corporate member judges. 


Interested companies will complete a registration. You will need to upload your capability statement and a provide a link to your 90-second video (performing your innovation pitch).


  • Participant must be a WBENC-Certified WBE whose certification is in good standing.
  • Participant fits the following Innovation Criteria:
    • Existing innovative product, service, or business solution that is ready for market or currently in market (not a future idea or endeavor seeking an investment).
    • Disruptor in their current market.
    • WBE has differentiated their business from standard offerings within their industry.
    • Innovative solution solves a problem in a new/inventive way.
  • Applicant must be a female owner of the company.
  • If the innovative solution is a result from a joint venture between multiple WBE companies, the application must be submitted on behalf of only one of the WBE companies.


The Top 2 Innovation Pitches will be awarded the golden ticket to participate in the WBENC Virtual Semi finals


Important Additional Information:


Virtual Semi-finals will be held on

Monday 10/24 and Tuesday 10/25

2:00-4:15pm EST


Winner of Semi-Finals must be able to attend the National Finals being held Week of November 14th -

National Finals will be held Live and in-person at WBENC Invitation-Only November Event


WBENCPitch Competition will award –

1st Place $20,000

2nd Place $10,000

3rd Place $5,000


Registration Closed