WBE2WBE Connection Corner

The Power and Impact of B2B…
One of the main benefits of being WBENC certified is being able to connect with CEO/President level women business owners, just like yourself. This year, we wanted to share a secret…. women-owned firms buy the same products/services that corporations buy, and that woman sitting next to you may be in need of your assistance today. To encourage WBE2WBE business, we have created the WBE2WBE Connection Corner that will allow you to display your Capability Statement and current needs to gain and/or give business. The WBE2WBE Connection Corner will be broken out by industries, which will be color coordinated for easy identification as well as open every day of the conference.
The WBE2WBE Connection Corner will be available during the day for the duration of the conference. We encourage you to take any free time that you have between events to visit us for more wonderful information. The power behind WBE’s doing business with other WBE’s is strong; this is why it is highly encouraged to be an active participant in the WBE2WBE Connection Corner.  
What Do You Need to Do?
  •     Bring extra business cards and 20-30 extra capability statements to pass out to WBEs
  •     Post your current business needs.
  •     Be open to working with other women-owned firms by using the matchmaking and other programs to connect with other WBEs.
  •     Don’t be afraid to network and mingle with other WBE’s. There might be a potential business opportunity that you’re missing out on.
  •     Make sure you find a WBEC-West Staff Member or a Volunteer to receive your Lapel Pin.