Q1. Which browser should I use to register and login to the site?
A1. The registration process and information needed after logging in is best viewed in Firefox and Chrome
Q2. Where can I view my ticket details?
A2. Your ticket details will be sent to you via confirmation email. You can also view the same details after logging into your account and navigating to "My Agenda/Receipts" in the left menu and then clicking on "Edit Agenda" to edit your agenda and "Download" to print your agenda/receipt.
Q3. What if I have forgotten my password?
A2. You can reset your password by clicking here. Please make sure to use the same email you used to register an account.


Q4. How do I buy multiple tickets for different attendees?
A4. You can buy more than one of the same ticket at checkout. In step 3 of filling out your profile you can `Send an Invite` by emailing each user (enter email and add text to compose box) and ask that user to claim their ticket.


Q5. Why do I keep getting redirected to the account I logged into? How do I get back to the event landing page to register more users?
A5. Once you are logged into the system and you try and access the event landing page the system will automatically redirect you to the account you are logged into. To view the event page, simply log out of the account by navigating to your name under the top left menu and clicking "Logout"

Q6. How do I change my password?
A6. To change your password log into your account and navigate to your name under the top left menu and click "Change Password" in the dropdown.


Q7. Do I need to complete my profile?
A7. Yes, absolutely! Completing your profile ensures that the event Admin has all the information needed from you to make sure you get the best event experience possible. This includes, finding the right matches for your business, requesting your dietary needs and more. Also, completing your profile makes you available in the Rolodex, giving you increased visibility.


Q8. Why do I not see anything under My Schedule?
A8. Your schedule will be available after the admin has scheduled the matchmaker.


Q9. Help! I need technical support or am having trouble with an issue.
A9. Please email: Tera Jenkins at [email protected] and we`ll be happy to help.