Matchmaking Opportunities

Matchmaker Madness Non-Strategic Roundtable- (Wednesday, September 11, 2019)
Non-Strategic Roundtables differ from Strategic Roundtables in that certified WBEs, Small Business Owner and MBE’s may select the corporation with which they would like to meet.  Tables are filled on a first come, first served basis. 
There will be a corporate host of the table who lead the conversation. Each supplier can also ask questions and interact with other participants.  Participating Corporation will be announced at a later date. This event is open to everyone.
  • 10 minute meetings with 5 rotations
  • Round-robin style.
  • Each supplier will have 1 minute to present their company to the table while the remaining time of the session will be utilized by the corporation to field/ask questions.
  • Please respect the corporation who will be facilitating the meetings and the time of your fellow suppliers in the meeting.
Corporate Strategic Matchmaker Madness - (Thursday, September 12, 2019)
The Corporate Strategic Matchmaker is one of the highlights of the 16th Annual WBEC-West Conference in Palm Springs, CA. The Corporate Matchmaker is designed to help connect certified WBENC WBE companies with corporations. The system matches corporations with diverse suppliers based on current and/or upcoming procurement opportunities. These meetings offer the opportunity for WBEs to make an introduction to the corporations and begin developing a relationship. The meetings are 10 minutes for each pre-scheduled Corporate Matchmaker.
Corporate Strategic Matchmaker meetings are not guaranteed and a certified WBE must be registered for the conference to be considered for a match. The deadline to register for the Corporate Matchmaker meetings is August 28, 2019 at 11:59 PM. WBEs who successfully complete the Corporate Matchmaker registration will be notified by September 4, 2019 by email with a schedule. There are many other opportunities to connect with corporations throughout the conference.